Monday, August 2, 2010

The writing experiment

First day back at uni. Year two, semester two. Experimental writing; what's it all about? In the words of my tutor, "fucking shit up." Nuff sed. He also said something about the unit being nigh on impossible to fail. So I'm just going to focus on fucking shit up for that unit. I'll fuck shit up so baddd....... (tempted to write an assignment on an empty burger wrapper for the 'avant-garde-ness of it all)

I'm competing with a cold with some pharmaceutical-strong lozengers and a lemon drink that tastes so foul. I'm Mr-Mucus-Face right now, but I'm taking solace in the fact that it could be a lot worse. It's not so bad.

In terms of my writing goals, I started my novella last night and wrote 1,026 words. That's the target. I've had uni this morning, bright and early from 8:00, with a two hour class that finished an hour early. So I went to the library cafe and inhaled a delicious bacon and eggs breakfast before my 10:00 experimental writing class on the top floor of the labyrinth that is the Architecture building. I've got work late tonight, but I'll have a good three hours to eat, rest and write my 1,000 words before midnight. That's my self-appointed curfew because tomorrow is another 8:00 start at uni.

And in my experimental writing class is the Grok editor, who informed me that a segment of a first semester piece of mine is in the next edition of the magazine. First publication of the year. Hopefully, with this new connection, I might have a spot in the next two editions of the magazine.

I'm going to try to keep record of my progress on here, to make things easier to manage. I know not many people read this (maybe just person?) but at least it's out here and all like "hey guys, this is what I'm planning on doing."


  1. Hello, I am that one person who reads your blog.

    If you need burger wrappers to write on, I enjoy EATING burgers, so I will have a burger eating party with you.