What I do

So I thought I should do this page properly now. The "who am I" and the "what I do" run down of my life on one short page.

I'm a writer/musician. I'm a creative person bound to an eternity of creative by-products. Stories, songs, poems, whatever my fingers may find. My hands and my ears are tools to my trade, and here, on this blog, you are able to see some of what my fingers are capable of.

I collect books and cds, and I find much satisfaction in the physical ownership of both. I love the real. The things you can see and hold and hear and smell. It's a little ironic though, that I do most of my creations through a digital medium. That my materials are available at large through non-physical means. I'd be a nobody without email, without the internet, without even the programs on my computer.

One thing I do love about writing and making music on my computer is that I can share it with the world for free. Sure, it hasn't put food on my table, sure, it hasn't launched me towards a professional career or garnered the attention of the "important people" in the literary business or the music business, but it's kept me humbled in that the people reading my stories and the people listening to my music are people not unlike myself.

I don't know who I'd be without my music or without my literature. I've been learning music for just on a decade now, and I've been an avid reader from a young age. The passion to write fiction of my own accord came only a few years ago, but it's a passion I can't see moving on from any time soon.

Often, I am questioned as to how I will support myself in the future, as it seems I'm pursuing a mere hobby as a career. I know it's not going to be easy, but that's no different with anything else in life. I just chose to pursue something I love doing. Why settle for less? And for that, I often hear that I'm doing something other people wish they could do, I'm living a dream, even though all I've earned from it is two t-shirts, five american dollars and a couple of magazines.

It can be a bit difficult juggling writing and music with full time study and a part time job, and I'm constantly trying to figure out how I'll cope with life after uni, and what my prospects for my future are, but I wouldn't change a thing.