Tuesday, July 6, 2010

All Is Full Of Love

You were made for each other.
You two, so perfectly fitting together
impossible to tell
if you are a copy of her,
or if she is a copy of you.

You were meant to be together.
You two, with sweet voices
producing the perfect harmony,
a call and response, call and response,
that all is full of love.

What's wrong with this picture?
Nothing, you say in unison.
Nothing is wrong.
This is perfect.
This is love.

You were happy with each other.
You two, singing your love
so proud and strong and clear.
But heads turn,
those who have never known your love.

You were built from the fires
of original sin.
You do not kiss and touch
and hold and love
without these judging eyes.

What's wrong with this picture?
Your love is not true or pure,
your love is not real.
You are lesbionic,
you are void of humanity.

You were taught to love,
to feel it and express it
for another so 'unnatural'.
You are beautiful, sweet machine,
it is a tragedy to be so unloved by so many.

Please teach us to love as you do.


  1. Is this yours? I seriously dig it.

    Hate the song with a passion, though. Reminds me of someone revolting.