Thursday, January 14, 2010

Aftermath of In the Valley of the Tempest

A 50,000 word novel in 30 days is not too bad. As a writer, I'm proud to say that I've accomplished this in a successful NaNoWriMo. Now comes the rewrites. I've had a month of leaving it the hell alone and I've come back with fresh eyes and a fresh attitude and I'm bringing a lot of new ideas to the table. New ideas that I think will really kick the story to the next level. First change is putting everything into the first person POV of the main character, Seth. Then I've changed the order, detail and purpose of the events that occur. I'm fleshing it out and possibly turning it into a series. In musician's terms I'm turning it up to 11. The first novel deals with the long anticipated war of the civilised worlds, and the interference of mysterious, unregistered warships travelling about the country. And Seth finds himself caught in the centre of the action. He does what he thinks is best, he does what he thinks will keep him alive, but later down the track, he understands the consequences of his rash actions, the cause and effect, and he sets out to right his wrongs while trying to find some answers about the mysterious warship, the Stormbringer.

It's been a few days and I'm 754 words into the first novel of the tempest series: Stormbringer. I'm taking my time to write to the best of my abilities, to plan it all out and to tie it all together into one explosive unit. I hope to have sent the finished manuscript to publishers by the end of the year. That's my goal.

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