Tuesday, October 20, 2009

STC Literature: Brief Introductions

Hello all,

My name is Shane and I'm a writer. Some of you may recognise me as such, or as my alias, WritersBlock (on some sites) or perhaps as STC on others (i.e. here). Basically, I've been writing short stories and poetry for almost a couple of years now. I'm studying creative writing at University, and I'm really hoping it'll take me places. I've written quite a few short stories for competitions on Newgrounds, of which I've won or placed in quite a few, as well as judged quite a few other writing competitions on the site. I've also started on two novels, which have both temporarily (I hope) run dry, with a third one in the planning stages for November's "National Novel Writing Month", or NaNoWriMo, as it is more commonly known. I've also been published in the last two editions of my Uni's student magazine, one for a short story and another for two poems, and I've sent other stories off to other magazines for future prospects.

I basically hope to keep my literary plans up to date on here, as well as perhaps my current readings and my extended thoughts on writing techniques, amongst other things. And most of my stories, of course. I'd be nowhere without them! So, yeah, here's my little pocket of cyberspace in which those of you interested in my writings and other such musings can access it all.


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  1. Hello! Welcome to the blogosphere. I'm on here for seemingly the same reasons as you, although your writing activities seem a whole lot more substantial than mine. I'm a first year creative writing student too!

    I'm looking forward to hearing about all your writing.